Ellis – Kikerter & ris

Ellis – Kikerter & ris
Singel December 16th
(Metronomicon Audio / Diger)

Ellis is Ellen Sofie Mosebekk from Oslo, now living in Belgium. In 2019 she released her debut album “Hverdag & Fest” with reworks of soul- and reggae classics and self-written lyrics in Norwegian. The songs were recorded mainly at Metronomicon Audio.
Her vocals have also been featured on several tracks by Norwegian electronica producer Snasen. Now she’s back with a cover of the Bodø reggae band Manna: Kikerter & ris is a vegetarian anthem in the oh so carnivorous pre christmas-time. Even with no bells attached this can be view as a seasonal banger! The single also contains an extended dub, both recorded and produced by none other than Center of the Universe.

Center of the Universe – 2022

Center of the Universe is summing up the year with a video and single!
A song about the year 2022, obviously not a good year for everyone! Maybe we are all hoping for a better 2023? The track sums up the year knowing it is an impossible task: the post pandemic reality, the attempts at a Metaverse, the ominous feeling that time flies by. The track also hints to the sound of modern (hyper) pop and (mumble) rap with a bass-heavy beat and shimmering synths. It’s an outlier in the catalouge of the artist, yet it might prove as a good intro for the modern pop listener. If anyone wants to sing or rap on this go download the instrumental! And please release it or send us the result!

S.L.Y.C. Tellying

S.L.Y.C. – Tellying
(Metronomicon Audio/Diger)
Release date 11.11.2022

The Oslo quartet releases their third album – their most complete to date. Nine meticulously crafted dreampop songs, sonically inspired as much by krautrock and shoegaze as by electronic dance music.

The band consists of singer and keyboardist Sara Lena Yri Cools, guitarist Daniel Meyer Grønvold, bassist Kjersti Aase Winjum and drummer Sigurd Bergflødt. The albumhas gotten a crystalline mix and master by Kyrre Laastad and Christian Næss.

The songs revolve about everyday activities like watching television, gardening, raising children, looking at the pavement on the way to work – and realising that their rhythm evokes a certain determinism, obscuring the borders between failure and success, between doer and deed. The garden may be cultivating me, my children raising me, and the tv-shows and I engage in a common endeavour of tellying. The music seeks to puncture the membrane of loneliness in the lyrics, with a sound that invites attention, pushing through to a place where communication and connection is possible.

If bands like Broadcast, The Go-Betweens, Cocteau Twins and Stereolab are your cup of tea, this album really won’t miss. It is released digitally and as an LP with artwork by Johann Kauth.

It is clearly a winner from the Oslo quartet, an ever so beautiful track that is perfect for winter because the air is clearer so the best moments on ‘Safety, Grace’ can ascend to the summit of every snowcap peak without resistance. – MP3Hugger

It’s a beautiful song, combining the best of indie and synths. Safety, Grace, is like a slow journey, a cove of vibrant and comfortable emotions that will make your spirit float. – Zone Nights