CyranoArmageddon Cyrano Armageddon Postal Service Is it possible for two gentlemen to sound like a MoFoBigBand? It certainly is possible, thanks to state of the art technology. Have you heard stadium rock in small joints? If not, check out CyranoArmageddon in concert. Take some good old poprock, add a bit of synthesizers, naïve yet visionary Norwegian-Englisj lyrics, hard beating drums, aerobic and a little trance dance ­ and voilà! When performing, beautiful women and different ecological spin-off effects surround this duo. On tape, other parts of the music emerge. The clowns may be serious, war is peace, sweet can be bitter and after winter comes spring. CyranoArmageddon is the only band in the world with a fully implemented Code of Conduct. CyranoArmageddon values are balanced, active lifestyles initiatives, they are offering a variety of high-quality song options, promoting physical activity, and providing information and education to help their listeners around the world make smart choices for themselves and their families.


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