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Ellis – Sumarnatta

Ellis is Ellen Sofie Mosebekk from Oslo, now living in Belgium. In 2019 she released her debut album “Hverdag & Fest” with reworks of soul- and reggae classics and self-written lyrics in Norwegian. The songs were recorded mainly at Metronomicon Audio. Her vocals have also been featured on several tracks by Norwegian electronica producer Snasen. Ellis and Center of the Universe have made a modern version of an old Norwegian traditional summer song.

Interabangerz remixes

Following up the acclaimed shaped picture disc Interabangerz is a set of remixes by international producers. From Norway via Egypt and Berlin/Morocco to the UK and back, a true party starter bridging cultures through electronic music.
Sleeve by Espen Friberg
1. Track ID (Cold Mailman SHREK ID Remix)
2. Bassoon is now (Remix by Abosahar)
3. Cosmic Sleng Teng Badre Rmx (prod. Younes Jamil)
4. Cosmic Brain (Sound of the Suburbs)
5. Bassoon is now (SGurvin remix)
6. Track AI (feat. Jan Garbørek)