New 7″ Hanny – Xantofylla

Hanny releases new music on the 7-inch Xantofylla, an ode to the pigment that gives the yellow colour in petals. The music carries with it moments so precious that a camera would ruin them. The A-side Hareskoven is for everyone who is looking for 2024’s most catchy melody, or who has a sentimental yearning for Danish nature. The B-side Psaligrafi is the band’s own etude with harp zither, synth, guitar and clarinet in quartet. Hanny has been an active part of Oslo’s music scene since the debut Moderning in 2005. Xantofylla is the band’s third release on vinyl.
Hanny is Marie Borgersen Kvamme (vocals, guitar, synth, harp zither, diatonic accordion), Dag Ivan Homlong (guitar, bass) and Roy Amundsen (guitar, bass, drums).

Xantofylla is produced by Hanny and Thomas Meidell. Music and lyrics by Marie Borgersen Kvamme, master by Marius Ergo and graphic design by Aslak Gurholt/Yokoland.

The music is released by Metronomicon Audio and distributed by Diger Distro.
Releaseparty saturday june 8th at Mir, where the stage is filled with the band’s love of waltz, grunge and dance bands. Warming up by the epically marvellous S.l.y.c.