Geko Fattal & Center of the Universe – Buss for tog / Hest er best

Geko Fattal came to Norway from Lebanon in 1996 to study at the University of Oslo He had with him a couple of trousers, experiences from war, a disgust for injustice and an Oud. In 1998 the norwegian princess got a got a horse as a present from the billionaire RIMI-Hagen. With this in mind Geko set out to use irony to focus on the injustice of society. From this came the song “Hest er best”, today the horse is 25 years and the differences in society keeps growing.

Center of the Universe was tired of playing the old version of the track and needed a version with more beats and bass to play in clubs. He was also tired of gBuss for togh, replacement buses for works on the railway that will continue to 2033. Now they release a double single that hopefully will remain relevant until all the tracks are replaced!