Nikki Oniyome – Underestimated (Ambient mix)

Nikki Oniyome is the heart child of songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Lisa Canelinha, bass player Vebjørn Axelsen, and producer Jørgen Skjulstad (aka Center of the Universe). Their listeners covered their tears in glitter, and gave their debut album ‘ai 愛 ’ a spin.

Now it is time for another round of adventures, experimenting with new-age elements and psychoacoustics with the Underestimated (Ambient mix) The band is warming with this to release new singles and music this year. Stay tuned for some more «installation pop» (Super World Indie Tunes), «strangely beautiful and strangely twisted» (Your Dead Partner), and «captivating with unusual sounds, weird ideas and a successful production» (Global Music Magazine).