Boblebad – Inte Ligent Dansmusik
Release date march 10th 2023
(DL/Stream/Tape) MEAU.0127.Tape

A new tape from the Oslo slacker electronics legend Boblebad! Expect nice music to listen and maybe dance to, but is it intelligent? This tape shows a more laidback version of the producer; humoristic, chill, dreamy and maybe even filmatic? Dig in!

Boblebad, real name Ulf Moen Denneche, is an artist that has the essence of creativity coursing through his very being. An all-round production dynamo, the Oslo-based creator is equally adept at crafting immersive sonic textures as striking visual imagery, expertly functioning as an inspired musical producer as well as a painter and visual artist. Having released music on labels like Beatservice, Eskimo, Paper, Full Pupp, EUFORISK, Aquavit BEAT, Badabing diskos, and more – he now returns to Metronomicon Audio with a new and a bit different project, called “Inte Ligent Dansmusik”.

It’s a limited MC-release, but also comes out on streaming platforms. This time, for a change, it’s more IDM-inspired beats and feel than the regular house music vibes. It also comes with a music video shot at Bygdøy Curling Club: Is ambient the curling of electronic music? The tracks on this release are sliding away like a curling stone, and is mastered and compiled by none other than Center of the Universe.