Metronomicon Audio 7​.​0 & 8​.​0Metronomicon Audio 7​.​0 & 8​.​0


Since the start of the musical collective Metronomicon Audio in the early noughties, every tenth release has been a compilation by artists released by us, and friends and aquatiances that we think makes nice and interesting music.

On Compilation 7.0 & 8.0 we have divided it so that 7.0 is made by artists whom we usualy release and 8.0 is made by our the guests; people we admire.

We do this not because it is easy to marked, or to give our own collective attention. We do this solely for the quality of the music and to document a very vivid scene of underground music that we think deserves to be listened to!

It is with great pleasure we present the nearly two hours of music on compilation 7.0 & 8.0!