Center of the Universe – Limited EditionCenter of the Universe – Limited Edition

The upcoming album can be preordered here on MP3 and SD/MicroSD cards!

After two mainly instrumental albums, Center of the Universe returns to the realm of songs with the current release of “Limited Edition”.

Peace of mind dominates the sound waves on “Limited Edition”. The often complex structures in electronic music have had to give in to simple parts that make sense only when put together. Every impulse to make something impressive or grand has been discarded. Instead, there is a search for what sounds nice, where the ear might wander and perhaps discover hitherto unnoticed elements. The lyrics are in no way expressing the artist’s situation in life etc. etc., rather they are focused on the outside world and the ones listening.

This is a colourful album. The music is pretty straightforward, but it has come about in many strange ways. Some of the songs have been made by editing and singing on top of songs made by others. (Some may think of this process as a remix, and C.O.U. is known to many precisely through his numerous remixes). “Limited Edition” is his 17th release (counting collaborations), and it will be released digitally and on SD/Micro-SD cards by Metronomicon Audio

In addition to containing the album in uncompresseed formats and MP3, the SD-card will contain several extra remixes, Karaoke-files, MIDI-tracks, lyrics and a differnt photo for each copy. The SD-card can also be used in many electronic devices suc as computers, phones and cameras, it can also be used for other purpuses than transporting this album.