Borgen vs. Center of the Universe 7″ + Mhva & Marengs + Dogs of Dehli (dj-team)

Releaseparty! Borgen vs. Center of the Universe 7″ friday 12. april kl. 20:30 at Sound of Mu, Oslo

The 7″ and download will be available here

When two of the most overproductive artists in the Norwegian independent scene are supposed to make something together, one could easily assume that they will assemble some sort of megalomanian gesamtkunstwerk quite quickly. But with this constellation it took over two years to destillate four short songs and one bonus track, and the output is quite joyous, melodic and simple.

Andre Borgen is a well-known figure in the Norwegian experimental scene, and has taken with him some influences from there into his laidback and beautiful songwriting on the albums “Staying Old” (2009) and “Todays” (2012). The latter earned him a nice review in The Wire Magazine.

Center of the Universe is constantly oscillating between acoustic and electronic music and has released several albums alone — and in various collaborations, the last one being “Astral Harrasment” (2012)

Mvha  will play first, then Dogs of Dehli will play a Dj-set with tapes from india after the concert.