Koppen: Good Kopp Bad Kopp

whoomp there it is! The new Koppen-album! Nice white LP + mp3/alac/etc can be ordered from the link below:


                Koppen’s music is a mix between hip-hop, folk, funk, bricolage, glitch and pop. Koppen’s fifth release «Good Kopp/Bad Kopp» is darker and less hectic than his previous releases. It is released as digital download and on vinyl. On both of these formats is also included a digital bonus with remixes from Norwegian and international artists such as Captain Credible, Easy, Mesak (Finland), Joxaren (Sweden) and Satanicpornocultshop (Japan).

Koppen released his first album “Truck Drivin ‘Songs” on the renowned independent label Metronomicon Audio in 2003. Since then, he has released the albums “My fashion statement is scrambled eggs” (2004), “Let’s eat crazy room! It’s time to be cool like a boy “(2007),” Strømmen Gamelan City “(2009) and” Objectified “(2011) who was both a cup and a CD-release.