Nikki Oniyome – Underestimated (Ambient mix)

Nikki Oniyome is the heart child of songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Lisa Canelinha, bass player Vebjørn Axelsen, and producer Jørgen Skjulstad (aka Center of the Universe). Their listeners covered their tears in glitter, and gave their debut album ‘ai 愛 ’ a spin.

Now it is time for another round of adventures, experimenting with new-age elements and psychoacoustics with the Underestimated (Ambient mix) The band is warming with this to release new singles and music this year. Stay tuned for some more «installation pop» (Super World Indie Tunes), «strangely beautiful and strangely twisted» (Your Dead Partner), and «captivating with unusual sounds, weird ideas and a successful production» (Global Music Magazine).

Boblebad – Inte Ligent Dansmusik
Release date march 10th 2023
(DL/Stream/Tape) MEAU.0127.Tape

A new tape from the Oslo slacker electronics legend Boblebad! Expect nice music to listen and maybe dance to, but is it intelligent? This tape shows a more laidback version of the producer; humoristic, chill, dreamy and maybe even filmatic? Dig in!

Boblebad, real name Ulf Moen Denneche, is an artist that has the essence of creativity coursing through his very being. An all-round production dynamo, the Oslo-based creator is equally adept at crafting immersive sonic textures as striking visual imagery, expertly functioning as an inspired musical producer as well as a painter and visual artist. Having released music on labels like Beatservice, Eskimo, Paper, Full Pupp, EUFORISK, Aquavit BEAT, Badabing diskos, and more – he now returns to Metronomicon Audio with a new and a bit different project, called “Inte Ligent Dansmusik”.

It’s a limited MC-release, but also comes out on streaming platforms. This time, for a change, it’s more IDM-inspired beats and feel than the regular house music vibes. It also comes with a music video shot at Bygdøy Curling Club: Is ambient the curling of electronic music? The tracks on this release are sliding away like a curling stone, and is mastered and compiled by none other than Center of the Universe.

S.L.Y.C. – Safety, grace (Sommerfeldt remix)

Stream where you want or download from Bandcamp

Sommerfeldt (Badabing, Paper Recordings) provides a steady and dreamy club-dub of the original track, keeping bits of the soft and airy vocal and mellow guitars, while adding a proper house-groove underneath it. A filtered, slightly overdriven FM style bass and a tripped out arpeggiator adds some tension in the mix. Early morning, late night vibes all over the place on this one!