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  • Bjørn Hatterud – Urytmisk Sportsgymnastikk

    Album out november 6th, preorder at Bandcamp!

    Emerald Mind Games Part Three Out now!

    Who would have thought that the strange year 2020 would bring a new release from the cult band Meta Forever? The band that is part of the collective Metronomicon Audio completes their trilogy(!) Emerald Mind Games started in 2012(!), And those who are waiting for something good do not wait in vain!

    fans of related bands like Magnus Moriarty™, Lukestar and Insomniac Bears will get more of what they like best. Mysteriously, Meta Forever manages to make classic rock sound absolutely fresh.

    The colorful sleeve is designed by illustrator Espen Friberg. The trilogy that started with two seven-inches is now complete with a slightly larger 10 “, to the annoyance of those who think all releases in a trilogy should have the same format, but to the delight of those who can not get enough of Meta Forever!

    Center of the Universe at Oslo Club Cast!

    Mt. Mélodie – Blurred Lens EP

    Mt. Mélodie started up as a solo project by Metronomicon Audio veteran Thomas Meidell (NWGM, Koppen, Team Me, Ludvig Moon). But after the release of last year’s debut album “Are We There Yet?”, a need for a more permanent band for live gigs came up after some booking requests.

    Blurred Lens EP is a sonic snapshot of the band in progress, playing around with grumpy powepop, gloomy folk and improvised “radio-play”. Lyrically touching upon themes like loneliness, alien abductions and nighttime walking.

    Cover: Thomas Kaldhol

    Ergo – Reclaim The Mall!

    We are not known for looking too much back, but once in a while something appears that is too good to not be re-released: Such as this 3″ mini-CDr by Ergo that is now back on Bandcamp and also streaming! It also got a nice review in The Wire back then. Sleeve by Yokoland / Thomas Nordby

    From the original press release:

    Ergo begins his conquest to reclaim popular culture with this 3″EP. Seven songs about loss, gain and sunbathing performed on white-keys-only-piano, recorder and whatever was at hand in Ergoland.