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  • WHALESHARKATTACKS album out now!

    S.L.Y.C. – The problem that has no name (Bjørn Hatterud remix)

    S.L.Y.C. “Say, the illocuted way” will be out 27. oct and is up for preorder!

    To celebrate this we launch a brand new remix by Bjørn Hatterud!

    Center of the Universe – Maxi single

    12” Maxi Single up for preorder!

    This tired father of two from Skjetten had to be 36 years old before daring to put four bass drums in a row at 120 BPM.Take the weirdest disco, slacker electronics, circuit bending and snake charmers: Go ahead and ram it into the mix (at high volume) to approach the Center of the Universe.

    WHALESHARKATTACKS – Positive Disintegration

    New single and remix!

    Captain Credible – Fantasy Mansion

    Captain Credible is an electronic musician who also designs and produces his own instruments. This is what happens when people like this release an EP. An EP that is both a collection of recorded works, and a physical musical instrument. The EP, which can also be streamed from the internet, is an epic journey in a landscape of intense electronic music with scattered islands of calm reflection. The physical manifestation of this EP is a circuit board with buttons, a light sensor and a headphone jack. This circuit board can be played as a musical instrument, and the user can easily compose his or her own melodies. It will also generate its own beats and melodies and even occasionally modify those made by the user. It will also synchronize to external hardware like drum machines or sequencers.

    This EP is therefore not a finished work, but instead a starting point for further experimentation and expression by the user.

    Captain Credible is also known for his eccentric live performanses at home and abroad where he plays his home made blinking pyramids, motion sensing helmets, candles, lasers and magic crystals.