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    First song out from Interabangerz

    New mixtape by Koppen – Car Chase!

    Our man Koppen has but together a mix of Japanese funkjazz/groove for

    Koppen – Bones

    From the album The Movie
    Idea and FX by Anthony Barratt
    Drawing and singing by Koppen
    Filmed and edited by Sissyfus

    Koppen – The Movie (LP/DL/Stream)

    Out today!

    Koppen – The Movie

    The new album is up for preorder on bandcamp!

    Koppen is a stayer in the norwegian underground, always falling between the chairs of hiphop, funk, boogie and electronic music. The new album “The Movie” is more catchy and straight forward than the earlier productions, with deadpan lyrics and smooth production. The album, which has nothing to do with any movie whatsoever, consists of eight soulful and organic tracks. Seven of them sung in english, and one “Crystal Night” in japanese(!)

    Koppen is one of the first members of the legendary collective Metronmicon Audio. “The Movie” is mixed and produced by Jørgen Skjulstad (Center of the Universe) Thomas Meidel and Marius Ergo. It is released digitally and as a turqouise LP in a limited edition.