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  • Tamiko – Belgia / Lære bort

    Tamiko is the musical moniker of Simon Yri Cools from Oslo, Norway. The single «Belgia / Lære bort» is his first official release following a few previous tracks on Metronomicon Audio.

    Simon is a music lover first and foremost. Ever since listening to 80’s artists through the door of his brother’s bedroom he has been fascinated by music’s mystical ability to touch people. When he next got hold of some tapes with the same artists for his own cassette player the future seemed to be paved.

    Simon lives in the basement of a villa in Oslo, where he also makes the music of Tamiko. With the help of a few good friends this music results in songs like these two.

    WHALESHARKATTACKS feat. Christmas Boy – Don’t Turn Off The Lights NEW SINGLE!

    New video: Nikki Oniyome: underestimated

    Video by Melissa Follestad

    Nikki Oniyome: ai 愛 LP/CD/DL out now!

    Nikki Oniyome recently released the slow disco song save me, and their core listeners covered their tears with glitter and gave it a spin. The upcoming album, however, is constituted of ambient and mournful beats, this time experimenting with new-age elements and psychoacoustics. With a slight nod to the works of Portishead, Björk, Fever Ray, Lamb, the song based album is colored by unusual sounds and weird ideas in the production, making an alluring backdrop to the distinct female vocal.

    Nikki Oniyome is the heart child of songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Lisa Canlinha, producer Jørgen Skjulstad (aka Center of the Universe), and bass player Vebjørn Axelsen. In 2017 they released their first two singles, followed by their debut EP 水 Sui/Mizu in 2018, described by reviewers as «installation pop» (Super World Indie Tunes), «strangely beautiful and strangely twisted» (Your Dead Partner), captivating «with unusual sounds, weird ideas and a successful production» (Global Music Magazine).

    The Unknown album is out now!

    Is this the twentieth full lenght album by Center of the Universe? Well we lost count! The Unknown album continues the bands move towards music for the dance floor; Ambient boogie, faux-oriental disco, electronic music as if it was not split to a thousand micro-genres. There are still enough references to dig in for people passionate about music; the first track Playback features a sample by the worlds first known digital synth1, the same track also features a sax solo by norwegian jazz comet Jørgen Mathisen. The sleeve is a drawn by Espen Friberg

    Center of the Universe is known for many as a remixer, and for uncountable performances in various localtions often other than music venues. The live show incorporates humorous multimedia and clarinette playing and soothing singing alongside live electronics.

    1 Coupland Digital Music Synthesizer