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  • New release Hanny – Tutti Frutty 10″/Digital

    New album! S.L.Y.C. – Say, the illocuted way

    WHALESHARKATTACKS album out now!

    S.L.Y.C. – The problem that has no name (Bjørn Hatterud remix)

    S.L.Y.C. “Say, the illocuted way” will be out 27. oct and is up for preorder!

    To celebrate this we launch a brand new remix by Bjørn Hatterud!

    Center of the Universe – Maxi single

    12” Maxi Single up for preorder!

    This tired father of two from Skjetten had to be 36 years old before daring to put four bass drums in a row at 120 BPM.Take the weirdest disco, slacker electronics, circuit bending and snake charmers: Go ahead and ram it into the mix (at high volume) to approach the Center of the Universe.