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  • Truls And The Trees

    Out from the bright and murky woods just north of Oslo, Norway come Truls and the Trees with their organic and uplifting indie pop. The band is the latest branch on the ever expanding family tree of the acclaimed Metronomicon Audio collective.

    Truls is the caretaker of the woods. He makes sure his trees stay healthy and beautiful, but not necessarily symmetrical and properly trimmed. Their leaves, cones and needles all have different colors and qualities. In return the trees shape Truls’ poppy guitar-based soundscape with accordions, violins, bouzoukis, saxophones and synthesizers, creating a dense and earthly sound that makes the listener want to escape from this claustrophobic urbanized world and head for the woods.

    Truls and the Trees’ debut record, “Ailanthus”, showcases Truls’ skill for writing simple and catchy pop melodies that stick in your head. Add a detailed production and diverse instrumentation and you have one of the most interesting and thoroughly enjoyable indie pop records of the year.


    Ailanthus – Upside Journey [MP3] [OGG]
    Ailanthus – Cardinal Mountains Heart [MP3] [OGG]