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  • Photo: Jessica Williams

    Now We’ve Got Members

    For more than ten years  Now We’ve got Members have been churning out their very own mixture. The band never quite found their place in the norwegian scene, So they made their own; Now We’ve got Members laid down fundament for the label and music collective Metronomicon Audio

    The new album “Teleologies” is their most easily acessible so far, light sounding and with catchy melodies. Some of the track are inspired by greek and turkish music, one of them has an indonesian breeze and some dub and funk is lurking under the surface. Now we’ve got members music is a cornucopia of references it is possible to dance to. Rumour has it that this is their best album so far, and the physical release is a limited edition of 300 with a dried leaf inside a transparent picture disc.

    Latest tracks by Now we’ve got Members

    Photography: Morten Spaberg / www.spaberg.net

    Photography: Morten Spaberg / www.spaberg.net