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  • Photography: Aslak Gurholt Rønsen / Yokoland.com

    Magnus Moriarty™

    Magnus Moriarty is the main project of Magnus Nielsen. He debuted in 2001 with the album Drive fast slow right left. He spends half his year at a cemetery in Oslo, where he’s digging holes and plants flowers. During the winter he spends his time in the studio where he lives out the myth of the decadent artist through which he planting seeds for new music. The combination of down to earth, hard, honest work and musical exploits that include absinth, violin and 12-string guitars make their mark on the music. His lyrics are inspired by beat-literature and they are accompanied by melodies that brings to mind both the past, the present and the future. The Middle Ages, The Space age and the Nuclear age are all represented in Magnus Moriarty universe. Beautiful folk-like melodies commute between the close and the intergalactic, and although the sun may shine upon the cemetery, darkness is lurking six feet down.


    Sky-fi Beatitude – Pipe in hand [MP3] [OGG]
    Can you hear the true fidelity – Fly your route for pilot kind [MP3] [OGG]
    …and the hippos were boiled in their tanks – Hello captain marygold [MP3] [OGG]
    Sky-fi Beatitude – Making the train land [MP3] [OGG]
    Drive fast slow right left – terror gran canaria [MP3] [OGG]
    Perhaps Interior Heart Politeness – Paramount Hotel [MP3] [OGG]
    …and the hippos were boiled in their tanks – Henry afford [MP3] [OGG]
    Perhaps Interior Heart Politeness – Warning From the Skies [MP3] [OGG]
    Drive fast slow right left – Hundred people decent and dancing (Center of the Universe remix) [MP3] [OGG]
    Did you order a Radar – Embarrassed Controller of Elevators [MP3] [OGG]











    Photography:  Aslak Gurholt Rønsen

    Photography: Jørgen Gomnæs / www.gomnes.no

    Photography: Jørgen Gomnæs / www.gomnes.no