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    Koppen is one of the earliest members of the Metronomicon Audio collective, but did not release an album until 2003. The debut album, entitled “Truck Drivin’ Songs”, comprised a mix of samples, banjo and cartoon sounds, and the musical influences ranged from Occidental folk music to digital sampling and musique concrète.

    In 2003 Koppen left Norway and headed for Tokyo. He returned six months later and released the slightly Japanophile follow-up ” My Fashion Statement Is Scrambled Eggs” (2004). By now, Koppen had begun moving away from the folky style of “Truck Drivin’ Songs” and had become more technologically oriented. The second album was even more eclectic than the previous one. “My Fashion Statement Is Scrambled Eggs” contained tunes in 5/8, industrial droning, robot hip hop as well as conventional pop music, and the idea that an album should be a coherent piece of work was easily discarded. In an attempt to destroy his chances of attracting a wider audience, Koppen fled back to Japan right after the release of his second album.

    The third album, “Let’s Eat Crazyroom! It’s Time To Be Cool Like A Boy!”, came out in 2007, and Koppen had now become a full blown Japanophile. The album title was inspired by Japanese T-shirt slogans, and samples and technological innovation were becoming more and more important. His cryptic lyrics spanned a variety of topics, such as sushi, juvenile delinquents, sexual fetishes and Qin Shi Huang’s Terracotta Army. With “Let’s Eat Crazyroom! It’s Time To Be Cool Like A Boy”, Koppen also managed to integrate his early Afro-American folk music influences, which resulted in an album full of hectic beats a nd heavily syncopated rhythms.

    In 2009 Koppen released his fourth album entitled “Strømmen Gamelan City”. Although the album was  a lot more conventional than the previous ones, with the music sometimes moving dangerously close to a pure pop soundscape, it’s still packed with obscure samples and spastic beats. Electronic digi-funk melodies are combined with blues and hip hop influenced vocals, and even traces of gospel can be heard. In addition to his long time producer Sissyfus, Koppen’s band today consists of Håvard Ese Eliassen on saxophone, Oui Oui on vocals and keyboard, 2mas on vocals and keyboard and Ergo on vocals and percussion.

    Koppen is currently in the studio working on his fifth album.


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