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  • Andre Borgen

    Metronomicon Audio is pleased to release André Borgen’s album “Todays”! When the rumor that Borgen had no publisher for the sequel to the fabulous debut album “Staying Old” reached the Metronomicon office, he was immediately signed for five cassettes, two VHS-tapes and one lazerdisc. Borgen has a background from the noise and improvisation scene and some people were perhaps a little surprised by the seductive pop album “Staying Old”, which got very good reviews when it was released in 2009. “Todays” is a small masterpiece, where Borgen takes his beautiful and relaxed musical expression to new heights. The mood in the songs are not easy to compare with anything, but you may imagine Sonic Youth without fuzzs pedals or Syd Barrett helping others with psychic problems rather than struggling with them himself. It is certainly with a great pleasure that we welcome him, and we certainly hope that many will people will open their ears up for Borgens sonic world!