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  • Welsh Architects – WSA Remixed

    In the fall of 2017 WHALESHARKATTACKS released her self-titled debut album on Oslo label Metronomicon Audio, and now the remix album is here.

    Though half of the remixers are British or based in Britain, there is only one Welshman among them – the title is simply based on a mishearing. On ‘Welsh Architects – WSA Remixed’ Viviana Vega’s songs are deconstructed and sometimes refurbished by 11 different artists, and spans a wide variety of genres, from hot house (Ost & Kjex), garage, 2-step, drum ‘n’ bass, nightcore (Toshybot, gon7o, Prunk Möbel), acid house (Justin Paton), kraut disco (Leo Avanti! And SGurvin) bit crushed droning (Yokii), synth pop (St3pan0va and Mt. Mélodie), to more abstract takes (Chooc Ly). The result is an eclectic compilation that is both danceable and ambient.”