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    Metronomicon Audio is a small record label based in Oslo, Norway. Strictly speaking, it is not really a label, but rather a community with some 20 active members and a wide range of affiliates which together aim to promote new and interesting music. Metronomicon Audio has chosen to focus on individual members’ freedom to make music they like, and the community has a flat structure where the artists themselves have full artistic control.

    In addition to producing music Metronomicon Audio has for years held several concerts and events. Each year we also arrange By;alarm, a festival and awards ceremony which purpose is to focus on the absurdity of competing in music. Every tenth Metronomicon Audio release is a compilation. On these compilation other artists from around the world are invited to contribute in order to showcase other people talents and to cross genre and nation boundaries.

    Metronomicon Audio started in 2001.  As of today the community has produced 89 releases. Among these we find in addition to a lot of CDR and CD and vinyls,  even more obscure formats such as circuit boards and USB sticks.