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  • The Unknown album is up on pre-order!

    Is this the twentieth full lenght album by Center of the Universe? Well we lost count! The Unknown album continues the bands move towards music for the dance floor; Ambient boogie, faux-oriental disco, electronic music as if it was not split to a thousand micro-genres. There are still enough references to dig in for people passionate about music; the first track Playback features a sample by the worlds first known digital synth1, the same track also features a sax solo by norwegian jazz comet Jørgen Mathisen. The sleeve is a drawn by Espen Friberg

    Center of the Universe is known for many as a remixer, and for uncountable performances in various localtions often other than music venues. The live show incorporates humorous multimedia and clarinette playing and soothing singing alongside live electronics.

    1 Coupland Digital Music Synthesizer


    Boblebad debuts on Metronomicon Audio!

    The man behind Boblebad is musician and producer Ulf Moen Denneche from Oslo, Norway.

    He has played trombone in Big Bands and is the bass player in the Oslo-band Rudolfs Kontainer.
    He’s also a painter and is educated in graphic design.
    Previously Boblebad has released music on quality labels such as MarsMelons, EUFORISK and Paper Recordings (UK)

    Koppen – Chinese Whispers

    This EP Starts of with a track by Koppen that i remixed by the next artist which is again remixed by another artist and so on. This results in a musical chinese whispers where there is less and less left of the original. What starts out as tough hip hop gets transformed via indie-rock to straight ambient and ends up as chugging disco. Is this the first Meta-remix EP? We hope more producers would try out this process, if anyone wants to continune with a remix of the last track please get in tocuh!

    Metronomicon Audio 9.0!

    Metronomicon Audio 9.0
    (CD/DL/Stream) Metronomicon Audio/Musikkoperatørene

    The new compilation shows the width of the Metronomicon-label; from laidback songs to kick off club trax, both artists from the label and some friends give us their best sounds. It features the debut of some new bands like Samvær Under Tilsün alongside veterans such as Palace of Pleasure. 9.0 shows the diversity of the norwegian musical underground. Until now every tenth release from have been a collection like this.

    WHALESHARKATTACKS – Rich People Taste

    WHALESHARKATTACKS is the solo project of Viviana Vega (known from Masselys and Ost & Kjex ++). In 2017 she released her self-titled debut album on Metronomicon Audio, where she introduced us to her original blend of 808 goth, MIDI punk, dark RnB and nihilist trap. In 2018 came the remix album ‘Welsh Architects’.

    ‘Rich People Taste’ is the first single from her forthcoming album “Music For Pink Nights”. The song is a meditation on opulence, boredom and destruction, with music inspired by both Japanese ambient and rap, delivered in a manner that is both brazen and depressed. With a pitched down voice, WHALESHARKATTACKS brings her masculine alter-ego to the foreground, a familiar character to those who have seen her live.

    The music video is directed by visual artist Sigrid Bendz, who is known for surreal and symbol heavy performance and video works. Her visual expression fits perfectly with WHALESHARKATTACKS’ primitive expressionism and lo-fi aesthetic.