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  • S.L.Y.C. – A deafening light will be out on 2 August

    A deafening light

    Metronomicon Audio has always been fortunate that its artists produce unusual melodies, for your unorthodox listening pleasure. This is particularly evident with this S.L.Y.C. album. Sara Cools appears to be Metronomicon’s least manic songwriter (thus far), so listeners can expect something a little more laid back with this release. This may lead one to think of the album’s melodies as somnambulent, drifting to the ear from some imaginary faraway temple, but the music is possessed of great immediacy – this directness coming from the strong presence in the recording of band performance. The duality particularly reveals itself on the song “White Noise”. Another tune to which attention can be drawn is the finale, “Miniatures”, which at over eight minutes fully explores its own volcanic potential, a long melodic playout ending in ambient noise – though not deafening noise, you understand.

    Preorder here

    Releaseparty at Sound of Mu, Markveien 58, Oslo on 2 August, 20:00 Live: S.L.Y.C. + Glaciers (UK)

    New release! Dagens Ungdom!

    To great acclaim from the norwegian press!

    Dagsavisen 5/6

    VG 5/6

    Klassekampen 4,5/6

    A Nice review in Dagens Næringsliv.

    This is really cool! Listen or get the LP here:

    Or at:

    Big dipper (LP)


    Wimp (Stream)

    Preorder of Dagens Ungdom LP!

    Order this great album now!

    Releaseparty this friday with Hanny + K.K.A. Hjulspinn!

    New track by Dagens Ungdom: Nesegrus

    A song from the selftitled debutalbum that will be out on Metronomicon Audio in june 1th! Releaseparty at Deichmanske bibliotek, Grünerløkka Friday, May 23 at 8:00pm

    Dj Sissyfus mixtape for Insurgent Souls

    Mixtape by Metronomicon Audio founder Dj Sissyfus for Insurgent souls, Barricade Radio (UK) with exclusive new track by Now we’ve got Members and lot of new cool music from good friends and collaborators! A huge thank you to hosts Cloud & Owl!

    Insurgent Souls (on Barricade Radio) #85 DJ Sissyfus’ Mixtape by Cloud And Owl on Mixcloud