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  • But this is not a joke: Dagens ungdom!

    As some people might have found out, yesterdays release was an Aprils fool day joke!

    Todys it’s April the 2. and we announce a release that is not a joke: Dagens ungdom’s first full length album on LP and digital will be out on Metronomicon Audio May! Give them a warm welcome and check out their song below!

    Ya Tosiba + DJ Sissyfus + DJ Kreismyr

    Jovialbiennalen year 14!

    Festival with some representation from Metronomicon Audio! Full program here! fruktoggrønt_2  And playlist with the artists performing below!

    New Hans Ice Video!

    Here’s the first video from Hans Ice. It’s called “Crooling Rally Mjøl” and it’s made for the first track from the upcoming debut cassette release “Shaking Hands with Hans Ice” (which comes out spring 2014).

    The video was made as a collaboration between Hans Ice himself and the artist and designer Espen Friberg (co-founder of the design collective Yokoland). The video recordings were made in the streets of Oslo in autumn 2013 with a VHS camera from the 1980s bought in a thrift store in New Orleans. The video itself can best be described an off track rally through the night.

    The video premiered at the Portland Museum of Modern Art January 7th 2014, together with works by Fred Armison and Mark Gonzales among others.

    Hans Ice
    Espen Friberg

    Some new cool tracks from Hans Ice!

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