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  • WHALESHARKATTACKS – Rich People Taste

    WHALESHARKATTACKS is the solo project of Viviana Vega (known from Masselys and Ost & Kjex ++). In 2017 she released her self-titled debut album on Metronomicon Audio, where she introduced us to her original blend of 808 goth, MIDI punk, dark RnB and nihilist trap. In 2018 came the remix album ‘Welsh Architects’.

    ‘Rich People Taste’ is the first single from her forthcoming album “Music For Pink Nights”. The song is a meditation on opulence, boredom and destruction, with music inspired by both Japanese ambient and rap, delivered in a manner that is both brazen and depressed. With a pitched down voice, WHALESHARKATTACKS brings her masculine alter-ego to the foreground, a familiar character to those who have seen her live.

    The music video is directed by visual artist Sigrid Bendz, who is known for surreal and symbol heavy performance and video works. Her visual expression fits perfectly with WHALESHARKATTACKS’ primitive expressionism and lo-fi aesthetic.

    New album: Are We There Yet? by Mt. Mélodie

    Norwegian multiinstrumentalist Thomas Meidell knows a thing or two about collaborating. As Mt. Mélodie, he makes rock music infused with psychedelic rock, synthpop and folk influences, joined in the studio by a revolving cast of friends and musicians

    Outside Mt. Mélodie, he’s been part of quite a few Norwegian bands, Team Me, Ludvig Moon, The Samuel Jackson Five, and his time in these acts has refined his songwriting talent. He’s also among the many founding members of the Metronomicon Audio collective, which consists of acts like Now We’ve Got Member, Koppen and S.L.Y.C.

    “The minute you hear Only Ghosts and Useless Things from Mt. Mélodie you’ll want to get up and dance.. Effortlessly catchy guitar pop song with a delicious instrumental outro reminiscent of Deerhunter (imho).” superworldindietunes.com

    “Daydream Deceiver is a catchy, tuneful romp through the various ages fusing 1980’s indie and 1960’s baroque pop”. recordsilike.co.uk

    “The breakdown begins with all but the song’s drums and bass disappearing; these elements enter a thick fog through which the bass gradually rises and the electric lead guitar reemerges. The sequence is haunting, destabilizing, and unsettling. It sounds like both a daydream and a deceiver, just as communal and mysterious as Meidell and friends would have it” nordicspotlight.com

    Welsh Architects – WSA Remixed

    In the fall of 2017 WHALESHARKATTACKS released her self-titled debut album on Oslo label Metronomicon Audio, and now the remix album is here.

    Though half of the remixers are British or based in Britain, there is only one Welshman among them – the title is simply based on a mishearing. On ‘Welsh Architects – WSA Remixed’ Viviana Vega’s songs are deconstructed and sometimes refurbished by 11 different artists, and spans a wide variety of genres, from hot house (Ost & Kjex), garage, 2-step, drum ‘n’ bass, nightcore (Toshybot, gon7o, Prunk Möbel), acid house (Justin Paton), kraut disco (Leo Avanti! And SGurvin) bit crushed droning (Yokii), synth pop (St3pan0va and Mt. Mélodie), to more abstract takes (Chooc Ly). The result is an eclectic compilation that is both danceable and ambient.”

    Singing with the Center of the Universe Out now LP/DL/Stream

    Debut EP by Nikki Oniyome!

    Nikki Oniyome 鬼嫁日記’s first EP mixes elements from 80’s retromusics, electro, indie, folk and psychedelia. The new EP is a real earworm with dramatic vocals, intriguing lyrics and a sound that approaches the cinematic.

    Nikki Oniyome 鬼嫁日記 is the heart child of songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Lisa E. She has recently been recording with producer Jørgen Skjulstad (aka Center of the Universe). In 2017 they released two singles, the last single Lady Be Trueful has over twenty thousand streams on Spotify by this date. The new EP this takes their electronic sound further. The explorative and dynamic productions makes an alluring backdrop to the distinct female vocale. Artists such as Neon Indian, Four Tet, Mazzy Star, Lana del Rey, Portishead, and Cocteau Twins are good references for this EP.

    Nikki Oniyome 鬼嫁日記’s EP is named 水 Sui or mizu, meaning “Water”, which in Japanese mythology represents the fluid, flowing, formless things in the world. The lyrics are centered around uncertainty, helplessness, and the need for other human beings. The music blends into the lyrics just as water, continually taking on new forms. The lyrics is inspired by troubadourism, exploring themes of love, religion and oppression with dark humor and and twisted theatricality.