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  • A track by Center of the Universe on “The Wire Tapper 38″!











    The CD/Download is given to all readers of the August issue of The Wire Magazine!

    Glaciers – A shimmering beast (Memorial coin + Digital)

    For the last 9 years artist, illustrator and musician Nicolas Burrows recorded and performed under the name ‘Glaciers’, releasing two albums and a handful of EPs, and performing regularly in the UK and sat festivals in Canada, Norway and Portugal. ‘A Shimmering Beast’ is the last ever release under the name ‘Glaciers’ and brings the project full-circle to where it began, in Norway in the summer of 2006.

    “It was in the islands, hills, fjords and of course glaciers (I chose the name after visiting Nigardsbreen in Sogn og Fjordane) of north-west Norway that I found something to write about. Up until that point I had been in various bands, and was bored with what I was doing musically. My writings and thinking from my time wandering around Norway became the basis for a small collection of songs which I recorded back in the UK, and which lies at the heart of all the Glaciers material. Through my interest at that time in Norwegian art and music, one of the first songs I made ended up on Metronomicon 4.0, and now the very last collection of songs is ending up on the label too”

    Nicolas is currently writing and recording under the name ‘Fell’.

    Releaseparty at Izakaya Sunday 28th June – Center of the Univeres is also playing

    A really nice review in french Magazine MagicRPM of Limited Edition!

    Releaseparty for the micronomicon summertape! Koppen + Cyrano + Ergo + Sommerkassett-djs

    @ Cafe Mir, Toftesgate 69, 12. juni

    Sale of the summertape of 2015. 60 minutes with summerhits and sketches from the norwegian underground. Limited to 30 copies of a tape packed in a cooling-bag!

    New Single! Dagens ungdom – Naken gris



    Kan strømmes/lastes ned her:
    Metronomicon Audio Bandcamp

    Dagens ungdom debuterte i fjor med albumet Dagens ungdom. Platen mottok strålende anmeldelser i Dagens Næringsliv, Dagsavisen, VG, Klassekampen, Spirit og NRK p1. Flere av låtene ble spilt og gikk i rotasjon i NRK radio.

    1. juni slippes den nye singelen, Naken gris, digitalt. Singelen er en forsmak på neste plate som er under arbeid.

    Naken gris er spilt inn i Torggata Radio med produsent Audun Borrmann. Med seg på låta har de gjestemusiker Tony Williams fra Tobago på steel drum. Espen Friberg og Bendik Kaltenborn står for grafisk utforming.

    Slippet feires med konsert på Last train 4/6.